You can't charge your cellphone." Power to Driskill's trailer home was turned off last year over an unpaid bill for $2,000. After he lost his job at a meatpacking plant, Driskill had little chance of catching up. "I went over to Mom's house and did laundry and all that," he said. "But taking a shower with cold water is pretty bad." Ordinarily, just the threat of click to read more a power shutoff will force many customers to pay overdue bills. Electric companies are also willing to work out payment plans and tend to use power shutoffs as last resorts. And with millions of people having lost jobs during the pandemic, unpaid bills more than doubled — to an estimated $27 billion, according to Mark Wolfe, executive director of the National Energy Assistance Directors' Association. Many states placed additional limits on power shutoffs during the pandemic. While that kept the lights on, the meters kept running, and the bills kept piling up. "All we've done is kick the can down the road," Wolfe said. "So instead of owing a few hundred dollars, you now might owe $2,000. You can see that the amount of debt the family is in now is much deeper than before." For many residential power customers, the pandemic has been a double whammy — cutting their income just as they're having to use more electricity while stuck at home . "I have my HVAC running at 70 degrees, all day, every day," Quinlan said. "My lights are on and everything in my house." As with so many pandemic hardships, African Americans and Latinos appear to be particularly hard hit. A study of power shutoffs in Illinois found residents in minority neighborhoods are four times more likely to have their power cut — likely as a result of higher economic stress, especially during the pandemic. "The COVID shock is a particularly unequal one," said Tufts University economist Steve Cicala, who conducted the study. "Which makes it really important to be able to target that aid to the people who are suffering." Congress authorized an extra $4.5 billion in energy assistance as part of the $1.9 trillion relief package passed earlier this month. But because it takes time to distribute that money, some customers may have their power cut off before the aid can reach them. "What we're asking is for utilities to wait," said Wolfe, who represents state energy assistance officials. "We understand that they have customers that haven't paid the bills for a year. But funding is becoming available. So rather than have a family shut off from power, and go through the misery of that, why not just wait." Charity McCombs went without power for more than a month last fall because of an unpaid bill.


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These improvements have resulted in all auditees in the portfolio receiving unqualified audit opinions. The committee on Thursday received a briefing from the Office of the Auditor-General on the delayed 2019-20 annual reports within the portfolio. The committee welcomed information that the Water Trading Entity (WTE) and the Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority had improved from the qualified audit opinion received in the 2018-19 financial year. "We recognise the work that has gone into ensuring improvements in audit opinions, which in our view, is the foundation necessary to ensure efficient service delivery to the people of South Africa. We welcome the fact that the WTE has improved from the four previous qualified audit opinions," committee chairperson, Machwene Semenya , said. Despite this, the committee has raised a number of areas that require attention to ensure sustainable improvements that will translate into service delivery. "Firstly, the committee has called for the permanent appointment of a Director-General and Chief Financial Officer for the department to be expedited to ensure effective and continuous leadership. The high turnover in senior leadership contributes to challenges in the department. "Secondly, in addressing the material misstatements in the auditees' financials, the committee has called for improvement in internal controls relating to regular reviews and reconciliations of information submitted for audit, which will enhance the quality of financial statements," said Semenya. In addition, while the committee has noted the decrease in fruitless and wasteful expenditure over the past two years, the committee remains concerned that R566 million was incurred fruitlessly for the 2019-20 financial year. "The committee has called for strengthened measures to prevent this, as the money could be spent elsewhere to enhance service delivery," Semenya said. She noted that the R979 million incurred by the auditees due to irregular expenditure arose mostly from deviations from normal procurement processes, which is unjustifiable and of great concern to the committee. "In addition, irregular expenditure was incurred through [the] extension of a contract without prior approval by the delegated official, discrepancies with bid specifications and variations not approved by National Treasury. The committee has called for effective consequence management against those identified to be in the wrong," Semenya said. Call for the conclusion of water boards audits The committee has also called for the conclusion of the audits of Sedibeng, Amatola and Rand Water to get a clear picture of the performance of water boards in the country. Despite this, the committee welcomed the improvements at Magalieswater and Mhlathuze Water, who received unqualified audit opinions with no findings.